Getting Incorporated – Easy as 1-2-3!

Who has time to drive to a registry office and wait in line? We sure don’t! That is why we have everything sent to a registry office electronically and they just email us back. Step by step instructions are listed below for a NAMED Corporation or NUMBERED Corporation.

Getting incorporated is easy. To get incorporated please email us to request the 3 pre-filled incorporation forms and proceed with the instructions below or print out the 3 forms to use at your choice of registry office.


To get a Named Corporation (if you do not want your business name used by anyone else in Alberta)

  1. Open Alberta Corporate Registry
  2. Under “Type of Filing: NUANS Report” click “Online Form” for CORPORATION NUANS
  3. Fill out the contact info, proposed names and choose “Provincial” and “Corporation” under Type of Search. Submit.
  4. Upon receipt of the NUANs report from the registry please follow steps 1-7 below



To get a Numbered Corporation

  1. Save the 3 pre-filled incorporation forms  to your desktop.
  2. Fill out all 3 forms with the personal information required. Save. (DL stands for Driver’s License #)
  3. Open Alberta Corporate Registry through  your choice of registry office
  4. Under “Type of Filing: Alberta Incorporation” click “Online Form”
  5. Fill out the contact info at the top and then do not fill out anything else.
  6. There are 3 headings in red “Articles of Incorporation”, “Notice of Address” and “Notice of Directors”. At the bottom of each of the 3 sections there is a button to upload the documents previously saved to your desktop. Please upload the corresponding documents. Submit.
  7. Once the registry office emails you back with the Incorporation documents please forward a copy to my office and ask us to request a business number for your new corporation.

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