Edmonton Accounting Customers Who Switched From Our Competitors Speak!

Thanks for your support!  |  Over $1 Billion in Accounting Processed

In the last 10 years (I am 35) I have gone from being penniless to being able not to work another day in my life.  But saving my customers money and making their journey easier is the reason I STILL LEAP out of bed every morning.

I’ve also read 500 books over this period, brought my bench press up to 300 lbs, and am teaching our 4 year old computer programming (fundamentals of Java).

This shows what is possible when you apply my guide  to a tranquil life.

If you could do these things too, how much would that be worth to you?

A lot, I’m guessing.

Our blog is FREE and our accounting packages are affordable.  Take advantage that my staff and I have mastered certain areas of accounting and life exhaustively to digest the data- helping our customers TRIPLE their net worth.

Here are some of the things customers routinely credit our service for

  • To set accounting, finances, and business development on semi-automation
  • To make better decisions and think more accurately
  • To deliver a subscription model or earn high margins on consumable product sales
  • To save time by cutting out bookkeeping and audits
  • To learn things faster and be the best at what you do


And, what makes me even more excited, is that it is well received by customers:

“High Quality, Efficient, Affordable and Professional Accounting Business: They take care of our personal and business tax needs. From filing, processing, administration to advice and completion all within an affordable payment model suited to the size of our business operations. We have referred THUT Accounting over and over again to anyone that has frustrations with their current accountant or is in need of a new one. They are the most affordable and well managed companies we have come accross in our 6 years of being in business. The tax savings and advice they have provided and given over our 6 year relationship has paid off many times.” 

MojoPhoto.ca (Dennie H.) Edmonton, Alberta

“Amazing Service, Quick Response Time: THUT Accounting offers amazing quick service. Always willing to help us out when we are short for time and help walk us through any issue. You can definitely count on them to keep on top of things and they are always teaching us new, more efficient methods to complete our bookkeeping.”

BlackoutTinting.ca (Tony T.) Edmonton, Alberta

“Christian has helped me simplify my processes to save time and money. This took alot off my plate and allows me to effectively focus my time on other activities. He broke it down and made it easy for me to understand. Highly recommended :)”

VirtuosoElectric.com (Janet B.) Calgary, Alberta

“Thank you for all your service and advice for the last couple years. We appreciate everything you guys and your team do for us. Glad we found you! And hope for many more years of team work.”

Modern Touch Nail Salon (Trish & Lan) Edmonton, Alberta

“Absolute BEST!! Thank you for absolutely everything! Love you guys to pieces!” 

N2 Makeup Co. (Nina N.) Edmonton, Alberta

“See, this is why you guys are amazing! I never would have thought to open a holding company!!!! Thanks SO much for the time you guys give your customers! For us it’s truly appreciated.”

Jenna D., Westside Construction & Developments Inc., Edmonton, Alberta

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THUT uses artificial intelligence to locate and extract line item and tax summary data from receipts and exports it into a csv file.
Cleansing algorithms allow it to extracts transactional data that is 100% accurate.
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