19-Year Old Customer Uses Clever Trick to MAXIMIZE sales

Fact. The average person spends more than half their waking life on electronic devices.  If your business (salon, restaurant, construction, ANY business) is not online, you are losing BIG MONEY to your competitors. *Tears* Search engine optimization (SEO) and technology is always changing and time consuming and therefore is costly in the wrong hands. *Tears* Not the way to go through life!

Fact. Practically all business owners seek to cut costs when there is a downturn in the economy.  Knowing that everyone else does this… as usual, do the opposite.

Solution.  Thut SwissBooks.  Take advantage that we invested a fortune to let you outsource your online marketing at an affordable rate and watch the dollars come pouring in!

From: Christian Thut

To: Soon-to-be financially independent customers

In the last 10 years (I am 35) I have gone from being penniless to being able not to work another day in my life.  But saving you money and making your journey easier is the reason I STILL LEAP out of bed every morning.

I’ve also read 500 books over this period, brought my bench press up to 300 lbs, and am teaching our 4 year old computer programming.

I’m not telling you these things to brag, but rather to show you what is possible when you leverage technology to scale your business.

If you could do these things too, how much would that be worth to you?

A lot, I’m guessing.

I watched highly skilled customers struggle through business and life because they just could not get people into their door.  Unless you are maximizing your business’s online presence, you will never reach your potential.


But you don’t need to spend 10 years and a small fortune to build your online marketing system.

You can do it in just one email.

Why so fast?

Because we have mastered the code and built the technology from scratch.  We’ll secure you a domain, take care of hosting fees, build your mobile friendly website and keep it optimized for SEO.  The content will leverage psychology to make you BIG MONEY selling anything to anyone. We’ll set up e-mail, social media pages and a blog that you can update with photos, and promos.

This package is valued at more than one thousand dollars per month.

But for now* we are pricing it at only $300/month exclusively for our customers.

Why so cheap only for our customers?

Because we benefit from higher accounting fees when we succeed in MAXIMIZING YOUR REVENUE and helping you grow your business over our pricing thresholds based on your revenue!

The SwissBooks Online Marketing Add-On is NOT:

  • a highly customizable graphic design service
  • an SEO service that requires you to maintain your own website and domain hosting

The SwissBooks Online Marketing Add-On IS:

  • standardized and scalable online marketing service
  • value for the money


I said the package is valued at over a thousand dollars per month- and it is.

This is the typical cost your competitors have been paying.  And we have piloted our technology for e-commerce customers for $995 per month.  Our new offering gives you everything we have been provided to the pilot program minus the online store.  So for the current price* we are charging, you are getting a very good deal only for the fact we are so confident in our system that you will happily pay us higher accounting fees as you watch your revenue soar.

You will easily get 5x the value.

*We are approaching the stage of pulling an *event* and selling this platform (like how we sold our personal tax division). Once our technology is sold, only the customers that adopted the system directly through us will continue to avail of the low cost through us.

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THUT data capture technology extracts data from bank, credit card and online statements and allows for automatic bank reconciliation.
SwissBooks uses artificial intelligence to locate and extract line item and tax summary data from receipts and exports it into a csv file.
Cleansing algorithms allow it to extracts transactional data that is 100% accurate.
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