Motivation does NOT work

Why do I still do accounting?
I still do accounting because I want to master a scalable craft that no longer feels like work to me.  The anticipation of improving a little each day keeps me at my desk. Working for stuff, is not the way to go through life- cars and tech get old and outdated.  No one can take my skills from me. Money is only a byproduct of being skilled at a craft vs. competitors that are so focused on making money that their short-term actions are destroying their long-term goals.
North American style big goals of having a big house + big vehicle can put you in debt or at least limit your freedom.  Once you have your essential costs covered for life (housing, food and clothing) then by all means splurge on whatever you choose.  There is nothing wrong with nice things, but you will be a happier person being happy with what you already have and you won’t have to postpone or give up what you seek most for a momentary fix.

My Core System:

  1. Prioritize sleep.
  2. Improve my work each day. I keep a tally of my hours in focused work each week
  3. Improve my body each day. I keep a daily journal of the weight I lift, the number of reps and sets I do, also what I juiced/blended/ate that day

Environmental System to Facilitate my Core System

  1. I do not own a mobile phone or have wifi
  2. I only purchase healthy groceries
  3. I have never bought a TV, and there is only 1 projector in my theater which my kids use maximum once per month. TV & escapism = waste of life. Make your own life great instead

As you can see, my systems do not require any start-up cost. In fact, my system costs less than the typical persons life. I spend nothing on escapism, TV, entertainment, and unhealthy food.

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