WCB Coverage in Alberta

WCB insurance provides your employees with benefits and services after an injury happens. You may have to sign up for WCB coverage for your employees. Please contact WCB Alberta to find out if WCB coverage is mandatory for your corporation. If so, you must open an account within 15 days of hiring your first worker.

If your corporation is an exempt industry you can voluntarily apply for WCB coverage for your employees.

As a business owner, you are not automatically covered by WCB but coverage is available and automatically renews every December 31st. Please remember to base your coverage on your actual EMPLOYMENT EARNINGS (earnings before taxes). If injured you will need to provide records to prove your employment earnings such as your T1 general or T4 slip.


Annual returns must be submitted before the last day of February each year to avoid penalties. At the beginning of the year, you will receive a letter from WCB with your Annual Return Password. If our office prepares your payroll please remember to forward the letter to our office so we can help you file your return on time!