Best Cold Prevention You’ve NEVER Heard Of!

Everybody knows that Christian is sick for 90%   80%   75 % of the year.

Not kidding.

So we had to research about why he got sick so easily and why I hardly got sick. (Christian says my immune system is stronger than his because I was dirty as a kid) There had to be something else we could do, we couldn’t live like this forever!

I was tired of him staying home from work, lying in bed with the blanket all wrapped up, wearing a winter toque even in the middle of summer. Who gets the flu in the middle of summer?!

Christian did.

His coughs were unbearable to listen to and I also had to listen to these same sentences E-V-E-R-Y single time he got sick: “This is it. I’ve never been this sick before. I think I’m dying.. *Cough* *Hack* If I live through this I’ll be nicer to you. Thank you for taking care of me.”

Remember. I said that he is sick for 75% of the year? Well, let’s say my best friends are coffee during the day time and sleep during the night. His is cough candy and cough syrup.

And, we did it! We found something that TOTALLY changed both his life and my life. Thank goodness! Ready for it?

Liquid fish oil.


One measly teaspoon of liquid fish oil each day at dinner time/before bed is all that it took to save me from taking care of a stuffy, coughing, toque wearing person, for 75% of the year him from his lifetime of being sick.

We have all been taking one teaspoon each day for the last 1.5 years, even the kids, and none of us has been sick enough to actually need to take time off of school/work. Runny noses, yes, but that is it!

The taste? It actually tastes good.  Niklaus’ favorite is Lemon Cake & Anja’s favorite is Grape Fruit


What does Omega 3 do?

By taking Omega 3 regularly before you get sick, your body doesn’t have to work as hard or as long to fight against the virus infection versus if you hadn’t taken Omega 3 regularly prior to getting sick.

It is important you take liquid fish oil and not fish oil capsules because you have to take 20+ capsules a day to get the same dosage as one teaspoon of fish oil. (We have been taking fish oil capsules for the last 8.5 years and Christian was still constantly sick. We switched to liquid and ta-da! No more colds.)

The absolute best fats for your brain is Omega 3 fatty acids. It helps prevent inflammation and preserve cognitive function. It also helps ward off stress, anxiety and depression. It lowers your risks of developing heart disease, arthritis and can even make it hard for cancer cells to survive. There are different types of Omega 3s but the important ones are:

  • DHA = cognition/”think better”
  • EPA = mood/”feel better”

Omega 6 to Omega 3 Ratio

Getting enough Omega 3s is good but you also want to minimize Omega 6s which can actually promote inflammation and serious health problems. Most diets contain too much omega6 (processed foods and refined vegetable oils) in comparison to the omega3s

The ideal ratio of omega6 to omega3 ratio is 2:1 but most North Americans are estimated getting-16 times more omega6 than omega3 leading to more of the following: depression, anxiety, inflammation and brain fog. Need to fix your brain fog? Check out this book

Now that you’ve learned about Liquid Fish Oil vs fish oil capsules and Omega6 & Omega3 ratios go home and take MORE capsules than what is recommended on the bottle, finish it and go and pick up some liquid fish oil. Remember to:

  1. compare the DHA & EPA mg per teaspoon
  2. check the rest of the ingredient list and chose one with the shortest list as possible
  3. make sure that the non-medicinal ingredients are non-GMO natural sweeteners/flavors like monk fruit and lemon oil
  4. use it daily
  5. shake VERY well or else you’ll be getting only the natural sweetener near the end of the bottle
  6. keep it in the fridge because it will slow down oxidation




But wait, we’ve done the work already and we’d like to share! Niklaus’ favorite: Lemon Cake & Anja’s favorite: Grape Fruit 

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