Using Facebook For Your Nail Salon

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The average person spends MORE THAN HALF their waking life on electronic devices.  It does not matter how good your salon is, if potential customer’s phone searches take them to your competitors, you lose out!  You can also use the following steps to effectively get new staff. 

Step 1 Claim your Company’s Facebook listing by searching for your company. After searching for the unclaimed page, click “is this your business” circled in red in the following image and following the steps it prompts.step 1 claim your page.png

Step 2 Once you claimed your business, under Settings of your company Facebook page set your preferred Page audience. Choose your desired age group for your best demographics.   Target your client groups.2 audience

Step 3 Create a post to lead your campaign – for your business you want to make a price cut sheet or some other sales/promotional material.  3 Boost post

Spend as much as you can on buying traffic. Margins may stay the same or decrease but the only thing that matters is volume. Analyze conversion rates and adjust targeted demographics accordingly.  I included some screen shots of what I do for my own page. If it was not for Facebook, my company may not exist – before 2015 most of our revenue came from oilfield related customers- many of which are now shutdown.

Using the existing Facebook infrastructure is more efficient than building an SEO optimized website from scratch with enough apps, to allow certified customer ratings, reviews, photos etc. 

Encourage interaction by taking pictures of your work and hash tagging your salon name #______yeg and #edmontonnails or #yegnails. You can also encourage more interaction from customers by making a contest for example, clients that hashtag the salon name #thutnailsyeg will be entered into a monthly draw an the monthly winner will receive 10% off their next service.

Acquiring the customer is the most difficult thing in business, once you have the customer, you don’t have just the one sale – in the nail business, you set up a recurring cost as they will need to come back periodically.  I have more advice for nail salons here:

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