9 Things You Didn’t Know About Christian Thut

  1. He hasn’t owned a cellphone in 10 years.

  2. He has never owned any Apple products or shopped at Walmart.

  3. He makes an effort not to consume popular culture. He considers this one of his “keys to success”.

  4. He is an expert martial artist. He got his black belt in Tae Kwon Do as a kid and trained Yan Yaw (Dance of Death) kick boxing in Asia.

  5. He has lived in 3 continents in his life.

  6. At one point he had half a million in debt. All his accounts have been cleared since 2015. He has written about how he got out of that here: Buying a home

  7. As of July 2017, he can bench press 300 lbs.

  8. He does not consume any products with soy or vegetable oils.

  9. He doesn’t have a microwave, use plastic containers/saran wrap or buy soap/bodywash/shampoo/deodorant.

We’ve received requests for a summary of our Facebook posts for those who are not on Facebook:

Most people will buy a house based on what the bank approves them for and will spend the better years of their life paying it off instead of following these metrics: Buying a home. As with everything typical, typical advice tailored to a typical person should be avoided if you don’t want to end up— well typical.  Keep it simple and still be better than the rest:

Two people graduate with the same degree/apprenticeship. Person A works the average 8 hours/day. Person B works 12 hours/day (focused).

After 4 years, Person A will have worked 8,000 hours and Person B, 12,000 hours = 4,000 more than Person A. Person B will have more $, more experience, ahead of Person A and will NOT be average.



“All activities consume the same limited time and attention. If you service low-impact activities, you’re taking away time and attention you could be spending on higher-impact activities. And because your time returns substantially more rewards when invested in high-impact activities than when invested in low-impact activities, the more of it you shift to the latter, the lower your overall benefit.”

-Cal Newport, DEEP WORK



Customers hand us money because at the cost of just 1% or less we reduce their total taxes by 3%-20%. But most people have a scarcity mindset, and will want to save $1,000 a year in accounting fees only to waste tens of thousands of dollars more.  Hence, our service is niche – focused on profitable businesses. If you plan on being average -SwissBooks not helpful and its not fair to recommend a product that is not going to be tailored to your needs.

Selectively choosing the people you surround yourself with is essential. 80% of your problems can be attributed to 20% of your customers.  Busyness and exhaustion are your enemy.  All regrets in life involve wasted time. This is the only thing you can never get back so never waste a second on marginal returns, short-term gains and people with no value. We have no sympathy for those who created their own mess. Poor choices reveal poor character. This eliminates the empty work that plagues all other accounting firms and allows us to focus on what really matters. Its amazing how our customer service improved when we focus only on people that like us.  Not a big deal, just not the same interests.   We don’t have a problem with your choice – we just don’t cater to everyone’s needs.

Catering to all businesses is a horrendous waste of time and frustrating by definition- all energy is wasted. Help people who have the potential to improve – they must make at least as much as they would through a regular job– otherwise they should focus on sales or a career. Without the “career capital,” props to Cal Newport, to support your business it will just be a downward spiral and 100x harder to fix.

Blogs like this free and leave people with no excuse for failure. If you were born here and are in your 30s, you are young enough to have access to the internet, and old enough to have the time to turn it around if you had some hiccups along the way. Just because you wasted your life does not give you the right to waste our time. You don’t want our advice, you want us to validate your stupid decisions.








No more posts?

We are going to up-date this blog less and less as you have all the information you need to succeed, we have dedicated that extra time to our valued clients instead. We had back-to-back 6-figure months – so we don’t have much else to say, too many accountants and *gurus* have too much to say – there is a lesson in that.  Everything you need to create a successful life is in this book: http://wallstreetplayboys.com/efficiency/