Ideal Work Hours


Our new office hours are Monday to Friday 8am to 1pm. If it is inconvenient for you to drop by during our office hours you can also arrange a time for someone to pick-up your documents after 1pm. (Edmonton area only)


Its an inefficient use of time to advance your wealth beyond a certain point since money eventually becomes perpetual.  Earning pre-tax $70/hour does not make sense when one earns a guaranteed 3% post-tax on $3 million.  As we get older, health, attention, and time are the priorities.

  1. Health: prioritize good sleep, quality food, physical fitness, outdoor activities, research a quality doctor and get regular blood work done.
  2. Attention:  spending 1 hour QUALITY time in the gym and later with your kids, interacting with them and reading to them is much better than spending 2 hours with them fatigued in front of the television.
  3. Time: outsource everything where you don’t have the greatest competitive advantage, use robots whenever possible and get your groceries delivered on weekly and biweekly schedules.

Solution: Reduced Hour Workday

The derivative shows with each additional minute over 5-7 hours (depending on the work being done), your productivity will not increase pro rata with the time.  How many hours a day should you work?

  1. 7 hours/day: If you need to increase your net-worth by 11% each year worked.
  2. 5 hours/day: If you only need to increase your net-worth by 7% each year worked.
  3. However, if they learn how to scale, a good engineer could possibly double the aforementioned percentages since an engineer can do the work of 10-100 accountants.