Top 2 Profitable Purchases of 2017

2017 isn’t over yet but I guarantee that nothing else I buy in the next 3 months could surpass these 2 products. Read on if you want to:

  1. save time for what’s REALLY important
  2. save energy
  3. maximize your productivity and efficiency


I have two kids, a 3 year old and 5 year old, which I home-school and I also do some work from home. So with the 2 kids, you can imagine what kind of mess I have to deal with daily on top of my regular chores. I used to use a cordless stick Dyson vacuum for all of the little messes on our hardwood and spent about 15 minutes per day sweeping/vacuuming only in the kitchen/living room area. On the weekends I would spend an additional 45 minutes vacuuming the carpeted areas in the house and the bedrooms.

15min x 7 days = 105min + 45min = 150min/week x 52 weeks in a year = 7,800min /60min = 130 hours per year /24 hrs = 5.42 days a year


That means I spend almost FIVE AND A HALF DAYS in a year vacuuming or sweeping. OK fine, some days I’m too tired or lazy and don’t vacuum/sweep at all so lets round it down to five days a year (reduced by 10 hours). That is STILL FIVE DAYS OF MY LIFE of which I can think of much better ways to spend my time!


So lets say you would rather have someone come into your home and vacuum for you. The average hourly rate for housekeeping in Edmonton according to is $16.44 x 130 hours per year is $2,137.20 (or rounded down again to 5 days = $1,972.80/year).


PURCHASE # 1 – iRobot Roomba 860 or iRobot Roomba 890 <— we have the 860, not the 890 so I can’t comment on how well the 890 works, I just wanted to point out that 890 was wi-fi capabilities and you can control it with iRobot’s HOME App.

This is a vacuuming robot (there are higher end versions which maps out the layout of your home but we purposely chose 860 as it doesn’t have Wi-Fi)  You can schedule the Roomba to vacuum every day of the week at a certain time or just press CLEAN when required. These 2 also have the tangle-free rollers/brushes which the older versions DO NOT, so they are much easier to clean than the older versions. We had an older version with the brushes that have bristles so I had to cut the hair out of the bristles each time I cleaned Roomba and eventually I got tired of cleaning the bristles and decided sweeping is faster.

download (1)

  • The extractors are tangle free now – no more bristles, the hair just accumulates in rolls at the end which just fall off when I clean the extractors
  • There is a little Virtual Wall Barrier that you can turn on to stop Roomba from going past certain points or around a certain area
  • If it detects dirt in an area Roomba concentrates in that area. Cleans under beds, furniture and along walls
  • Does not fall off of the stairs (cliff detector)
  • Lets me know when the debris bin is full
  • Comes with High-Efficiency Filters captures 99% of dust, mites, and allergens as small as 10 microns
  • Once it’s done it goes back to it’s charging station to charge up for the next cleaning session


PURCHASE # 2 – iRobot Braava jet 240   This is a mopping robot. You just attach a cleaning pad (I bought reusable ones here), put WATER in and press clean. Once it’s done you press the button to eject the cleaning pad.


  • 3 cleaning options: Wet mop, damp sweep, and dry sweep
  • Great for cleaning “small spaces” like kitchens and bathrooms (I clean 1 area at a time, charge up/refill the water and continue cleaning the next room)
  • Systematic pattern cleaning
  • Small and compact to clean around toilets, under beds and cabinetry
  • Does not fall off of the stairs (cliff detector) and doesn’t go up rugs
  • Super quiet


The cost of hiring help for 5 days a year just to vacuum (and not mop) is almost $2,000/year. This alone almost covers the cost of purchasing TWO Roombas and TWO Braava jets! My previous Roomba is still working and is now 8 years old so these purchases are definitely worth it (plus the amount of time it saves me each year is worth much more to me than the $2,000 each year).

We would love to hear from you about what your profitable purchases are.