Give your Children an Edge with German

“You don’t have real diversity when you have a group of people that look different but think alike.” – Peter Thiel, Billionaire on Multi-culturism

We all face an extremely competitive landscape in which our customers have a multitude of options.  A truly unique resource in Canada to give your child a competitive edge is to learn German.  Immersing yourself in any foreign language will open your mind to new ways of thinking, but why specifically German?

  1. Ordnung muss sein (There must be order).  The syntax is rigid: German sentences are extremely consistently structured. Training the brain like this prepares the brain to be proficient in computer coding (Python) which similar depends on rigid syntax. If you make a mistake in coding, the program will not work.  In Switzerland/Germany there is only ONE correct answer. The universe is governed by math which in general lends itself only to ONE answer that is better than the rest.  On an underlying level, lack of rigidity/discipline implies we have no standards. Rigid standards and more discipline will bring more freedom. 
  2. “Logical” is the best word to describe how German compound words are constructed which makes comprehension clearer, more accurate and thorough. The German language is also straightforward to pronounce once you know the rules dictating it.  Logical rules again aid with computer programming proficiency.  Logical thinking, clarity, accuracy, and thoroughness are all hallmarks of success in the German-speaking world.  

German Language School Edmonton offers Saturday classes which will give your children the competitive edge they need to harness the traits that the German-speaking world is famous for. (Also eligible for Alberta high school credits)

Germany offers free tuition for all Canadian students.  And as with all things Germanic, the universities there are great and have produced many more deca-millionaires than their equally good but expensive Canadian counterparts.  Germany produces quality companies like Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Bosch, and Miele.

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