Eight Lessons from 2018

  1. Precisely define the one-point vision for your business.  We save our customers the maximum on the only costs that matter.  Why does your business exist?  Your one-point mission for your nail salon may be to help your customers feel their best every day with clean fingertip fashions. Or make your healthy and flavourful signature broth at an elite level in terms of both quality and speed.  Your business will do well if you are happy making customers happy.
  2. Focus on recurring revenue by being undesired by the undesirables.  We have managed to net our client retention rate to 99% by appearing unappealing to those customers who don’t appeal to us. Another option could be as simple as maintaining a high-end atmosphere.
  3. Know your enemy.  We decided THUT Wealth would be completely different, the anti-accountant.  Once you know your enemy, you’ll know what you need to do. Depending on your business it may be something as simple as scaling your signature clean look (white surfaces).
  4. Half your enemy’s menu is better than a half-assed menu.  Solve scalable problems and leave more unique problems to your enemies.
    1. Have fewer service/menu/product items. Which item has the least interest? Determine which item you would remove if you were forced to remove one.
    2. Fewer options/decisions for your customer
    3. Fewer employees. If you are understaffed 2 weeks of the year, apologize to customers but don’t use it as a reason to overhire.
    4. Fewer phone calls.  E-mail is scalable and has more info per minute and forces everyone to get to the point and save time.
  5. Customer Acquisition.  The more customers you buy (ex. paid traffic on Facebook, Google), the more expensive it is to buy (non-linear).  Ultimately, $1,000 spent on making a great product/productified service will generate more revenue through referrals than the same $1,000 in advertising. That said, influencers matter.  Rather than buying traffic, seek out people who can refer you more customers that share your vision.  Everyone is either with you or against you.
  6. Influencer attraction.  Our best marketing has been the blog posts we have created on our own unique data on B2B, e-commerce, restaurants, and salons. Blog, instagram and make you-tube videos that do something for your influencers and customers.
  7. Priorities. Why don’t we have a log-in for customers? Why didn’t you shop around? Why didn’t we buy a Hyundai? Because none of it matters.  Our most successful customers are the ones that have priorities and consequently do not waste time on decisions that have less than a 10% change in their total income. All non-urgent decisions are ignored for 2 days and if it’s still an issue in 2 days, we’ll make a quick analysis and decision in less than 15 minutes by turning every decision into 2+ defined choices.
  8. Decision-fatigue. In addition to making meaningless decisions quickly, decisions can be reduced with daily and weekly routines & menus.  Costco may not be the best for everything, but there is rarely a good enough reason to make a trip anywhere else. At most, go to Costco only once a week or replace it altogether with a scheduled biweekly shipment from another vendor. Avoid anything else, like shopping, that is energy draining and has too much stimulus, noise, and decisions.

If you have the interest to go into the details of the math behind these eight lessons please read on:

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