My ONLY New Year’s Resolution

New Year’s resolutions are ok to focus your habits, but if you are to reach your ultimate potential, you can only devote your life to ONE single thing that does something for your customers.

I have devoted my life to reach the ultimate ability in helping talented individuals get the most out of life by optimizing their finances with AI.

Your purpose in life may be to reach the ultimate ability in making your customers feel their best every day with fingertip fashions.  Scale up from 1 location. OR your life purpose may be to reach the ultimate ability in making your healthy and flavourful signature broth at an elite level in terms of both quality and speed.  Scale up from 1 location.

If you can not see yourself becoming a multi-millionaire within 10 years of your craft, you should revisit if your ultimate ability has enough value to the world: the easiest being 1) e-commerce 2) restaurant chain 3) nail salon chain

Be uncompromising in your mission, your quality and this applies to your vendors and staff. If their vision is different they will drag you down.

Anything else I do, like weight training, martial arts, skiing, and parenting, is to maintain my mental and physical health to support my 1 life purpose. Health is the first priority, without it, you can never be in the 1% of your craft. But I make sure the supporting activities never distract me from my 1 life purpose.

I have had no stress over the last year because I am always 100% in-the-moment, I have no cell-phone, no smartwatch, no thoughts, other than the task at hand.  Knowing there is no way to produce a better result, makes stress irrational since the job could not have been done any better.

To control entropy in my life of devotion, I have no obligations to anyone other than:

  1. Customers
  2. Business partners (spouse)
  3. Mentorees (children, employees)
  4. Mentors (once a month with my Götti & aunt in Switzerland)

In accounting terminology, everything else is immaterial. This includes any “family” and single-serving friends that don’t fall in one of the 4 categories.  My attention is limited and I can not afford to waste a single distraction/brainwashing if I want to live a devoted life. It’s better to be isolated than suffer regression.

When you have a devoted life, you can not lose because your “competitors” are focused on making money rather than reaching the ultimate ability.  The byproduct of your devotion will give you enough free-time with your mentorees and hobbies.

If you don’t want to teach your children the technicalities of your craft, then general business mentorship about providing value is just as good. As a society, we are responsible for helping the youth find THEIR talents so they can have purpose.





The path from penniless to wealth is simple, but not easy.