Are Your Short-Term Actions Destroying Your Long-Term Goals?

Please don’t focus on short-term gains at the expense of long-term gains.

 Lesson 1: Honesty. A decade of honesty will give you 300+ customers that would trust you with their life’s work and spread the word as far as they can.  The dishonest are always in self-denial. Life is fair in the developed world and the more you add: the more you get.

Lesson 2: Operate on 5 year plans. Think of what the implications of your action today are 5 years from now.  We focus on doing the right thing each day and not about profiting from our employees and taking money from our customers.  We give our customers more value than what we charge, and they have become raving fans for life who allowed us to process over a billion dollars in bookkeeping! Each year we improve at our skills because we get better as we generate value over a longer duration.

Lesson 3:  Cut the dead weight.  Ruthlessly protect your time. Mentoring to qualified people can be rewarding like parenting.  Do not waste time and energy with those who do not make progress.

Lesson 4: In line with our contrarian approach: Always judge a book by its cover!  Anyone who says different has a terrible cover!  Poor choices reflect poor character. Avoid these people at all costs. They will simply slow you down.


The tone of the blog for the first quarter of 2016 got a bit harsh,  but it had to said to remind everyone that people with no value should be avoided at all costs.  From the outside looking, you only see the success and people assume we make the hard look easy.  We go through tough times just like anyone else.  Evil is everywhere and its up to you to learn from your mistakes to insulate yourself from people who waste your time.

You’ll be happy to know the future is upbeat! 

I decided not to return to work and to hire someone who spoke Vietnamese to take of customers and we were pleased when my sister’s acquaintance approached her for the position. Although her salary expectation was steep for her resume, I agreed because finding an accounting graduate that spoke Vietnamese is not easy.

During our correspondence with our new hire, we told her we are expanding our operations. The goal was to scale her position to manage more employees. She sounded enthusiastic. Given the time and money we invested into her, and the fact it was tax season, we overlooked our short-term losses for the continued hope for a long-term gain for both parties.

She deteriorated to taking several days to complete files versus my mom (who started 3 months after her with no training) could complete in several hours, despite my mom answering every phone call for 2 different businesses and dealing with walk-ins.

It wasn’t just her incompetence, but lying about how she already emailed us/scheduled in the office calendar about her 1 week she “needed” off at the most hectic time of year for accountants when we had already informed all employees not to take any time off until after tax season was over in December. Knowing this we never would have let her step foot in the office. She told Christian’s mom that she decided to quit 2 months into the job and yet she did not resign and offer to return the vehicle in January in the mint condition it was in when we let her drive it. Instead, she dragged on for another 3 months weasling her way through her wages.


Its a huge mistake to focus on short-term gains at the expense of long-term gains. If she just existed and made sure her cost did not outweigh her output (no-profit for us but at the same time no-loss), I would have happily written her a recommendation letter and wished her well. But some people have the mentality: “I need to get what’s mine with as little discipline as possible.” If you don’t have leveragable skills then you will waste 20 months looking for a chance to start a 5-month job.

She put in so many hours at the office to pocket $4,000/month making her the wealthiest accounting intern in Edmonton. But at 28 years old, she still can’t afford her own car and lives with her boyfriend’s family.

Poor choice What to do instead
Waste time. Take longer only to get a worse outcome. Time is the only asset you can never get back- don’t waste a second. Hone skills minimum of 9 hours per day.
Spend 8 years getting by in a 4 year Bachelor degree without mastering a useful curriculum or leaving with any leveragable skills will leaving you unemployed or working at a soul crushing job. This life is 100x harder to fix. Most people should skip University altogether unless you attend an elite school and have skills leading you to a professional career (Engineering or Law).  Make the most of your time by getting the best grades in the shortest time so you can start your career ASAP.  Otherwise exhaustively learn code online or learn a trade.
Prioritize short-term gains. Prioritize long-term gains.
Prioritize earning. Prioritize learning.
Prefer empty unskilled jobs over careers and only care about their wage. Will choose a job that hones leveragable skills: ie sales and later an internship.
Stay in a dead-end job for 6 years, taking the path of least resistance,with no skill set to get out: this gives up decades of your life. Will only take a job while they are in school. They will move on to achallenging career and build a good foundation. Have more than enough time to have fun in spare time.
Lying only gives them short-term gains: ie. measly 5 month reward of leaching what they can. Honesty builds goodwill which is manifested in referrals, references, promotions and a lifetime of abundance.
Unskilled multi-tasking. Focused skilled work.
Do the minimum. Rich people should simply give to them in exchange for nothing. Focus on creating value which eventually makes their time valuable.
Expect to be handed a pamphlet that says “do X then do Y then do Z” and requires someone else to think for them. Sees their idiocy as lack of training, then complain when technology makes them obsolete. Revenue generating creativity: hard to replicate skills. Leverages technology.
Nothing is ever their fault. They love to tell you how hard and long they work =fake accomplishment & waste of life. Solving Problems = Hard Work.
Spend hours a week talking to the same friends about “life” results in nothing productive. Upgrade your social circle with like minded individuals and speak to them on a “on and off” basis.
Entertainment: TV, surfing the net, social media, video games. Entertainment (self-improvement):Read books 30 min – 1 hour per day.
Procrastinate. No time to procrastinate – too busy improving. 90% doing & 10% reading
Wanted a vacation 2 months into their first real job since they “earned it”. Does not engage in escapism (makes their own life great so they do not need to escape it).
Limit yourself to your home country. Go international.
Social Life>Health>Wealth Health>Wealth>Social Life
Gym everyday yet look worse and in poor health. Progressive weight training: Squats for everyone. Bench press for men.

There are two choices in life: Discipline or Regret. The rest is up to you:

Regret @ age 28 Discipline @ age 28
Make terrible decisions in life over and over again but believe they “could” be in the same position as you if they “wanted to” and will be “successful in the future”. Smile, nod and agree. But no sympathy for those who created their own mess.
Updates their resume and find another hourly or salary job that requires no skill set or responsibility. Focuses on honing skills consistently over dedicated time = success.
Waste time with losers – misery loves company. Referral credit from referring customers to accountants, lawyers, online marketing, etc. and no longer having to go out of the way to meet people.
Have a rental property when they don’t even own their own home outright. Thinking they are clever that their tenants nearly cover their payments. Consider an income property only after they have paid off the mortgage on their residence.
Don’t need advice because they know better and only ask advice for affirmation purposes. Take actionable proven advice.
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