How do you want me to organize my paper work?

“How do you want me to organize my paper work? Is it okay to stuff everything into an envelope/box?”
We can definitely sort through your paper work if you happen to stuff everything into an envelope/box but it would definitely be a lot more helpful and organized for both us and you if you could:
  1. Remember to use your corporate debit card/credit card to pay for expenses and then separate those receipts into an envelope labeled “expenses paid w/ corporate card”.
  2. Download your corporate bank/credit card in CSV format preferably, PDF is next preferable and paper is 3rd.
  3. For meals and entertainment – please note on the receipt the customer/vendor/employee that was taken out for dinner
  4. Corporate bank statements should be ordered by date
  5. Credit card statements should be ordered by date
  6. Utility bills sorted by vendor and then ordered by date
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