2017 General Holidays & General Holiday Pay in Alberta

For more detailed information about General Holidays and General Holiday Pay please visit the Alberta Employment Standards website here. You can click on the holiday for specific details on that date/holiday (also linked below for 2017) or you can give Employment Standards a call for advice:  Phone: 780-427-3731   Toll-Free: 1-877-427-3731

The Employment Standards Code of Alberta designates the following nine days as general holidays in Alberta:

  1. New Year’s Day
  2. Alberta Family Day
  3. Good Friday
  4. Victoria Day
  5. Canada Day
  6. Labour Day
  7. Thanksgiving Day
  8. Remembrance Day
  9. Christmas Day

The Employment Code also recognizes any other day designated as a general holiday by an employer. If an employer designates a general holiday, all rules pertaining to general holiday pay will apply. (This is not mandatory)

Here are some optional holidays.

  • Easter Monday
  • Heritage Day
  • Boxing Day

Do I need to pay my employees holiday pay?

  1. First, employees are either ELIGIBLE or INELIGIBLE to holiday pay
  2. Second, it depends on whether or not the day of the holiday lands on a normal work day for the employee or not
  3. Third, it depends on whether the employee works that day or not

Please refer to the Holiday Fact Sheet  from Alberta Employment Standards to see whether your employees should receive General Holiday Pay or not.